Hello, World!
I just came back from the movie theater with a lot of thoughts and concerns. I watched a Brazilian movie called “Men are from Mars…and that’s where I’m headed!”. Sigh. The plot line revolves around Fernanda, a 39 years old woman, who is a wedding planner but, oh irony, can’t find the man of her dreams. So she goes around sleeping with every men that’s nice to her – and daydreams about their “possible” life together. She realizes that all they want is a one night stand (ringing any bells, minions?) and constantly asks herself what all these women (the ones she plans the weddings for) have that she doesn’t. 
Let’s get some things straighten out — clearly. Guys (99%of them) are never, I repeat, never nice and cute and funny to a girl unless they’re trying to hit that thing. The ultimate prize/goal is to get in your pants. Now, if you are sort of a clueless lady like myself, you won’t get the hints until he’s undoing your bra.

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